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Uh, are your articles up-to-date?

Hello! This page probably had an interesting title, or it was discovered underneath another article I've written.

🔗 tl;dr

Yes, my articles are up-to-date.

🔗 Long version

I've tried writing and failed many times, so this time around I'm going with a new mindset or writing style. I guess. I enjoy the process of researching and organizing topics, but not really good at doing them at a regular interval. So, I devised a strategy, for the sake of brevity and which I'll call "evergreen gardening", that will keep myself (important) and the readers (you!) happy.
I recognize that writing, like food or collectibles, can age like wine or milk. Although writing will likely never be evergreen like the trees or bad takes, it's seems like a fairly reasonable way to craft a catalog of irregularly published self-interested articles. If the information's usefulness isn't perishable or its value is derived from the thoughts captured in time, then there isn't a need for new content to displace irrelevant old content. Some strategies I have in mind are:
Although the intention is writing content with a long shelf life, it's unlikely to maintain its relevance without updates. From my unscientific cherrypicking research, blog writers are unlikely to revise content in a drastic way, opting to ignore or delete instead. However, it isn't uncommon, especially in news or scientific publications, where corrections and retractions are commonplace. Personally, I'm going to take a very liberal approach to making updates to existing content, which includes deletions, additions, or even full rewrites. This comes at a cost where content is no longer immutable, but nothing can truly disappear from the internet. I'm incentivized to maintain the original spirit of my publications, so I imagine the scrap-and-rewrite approach will only happen if my writing is in desperate need for correction.
To further emphasize the active tending or gardening nature of my approach, I will be applying these changes: